Bollenbacher & Associates, LLC can assist clients with on-site or off-site payroll and bookkeeping services.      Our services are completely customized to out clients needs. For instance we can:              1) Calculate your employees net paychecks                2) Prepare your employees paychecks for pickup or we can even print them on your                 printer remotely from our offices (high speed internet connection required)                3) Organize your bookkeeping for tax and financial reporting "after the fact"                4) Function as your accounting department, tracking payables and receivables,                 preparing checks, creating invoices, reconciling your bank accounts and                 preparing month end financial reports for internal management use       Our services are individually customized to each clients needs. Many times, we can provide a cost effective      alternative that frees our clients up so they can focus on growing and managing their business 
Payroll and Bookkeeping
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